Established in 1890

Mr. Amling owner of Newport Wholesale Floral Inc. is fourth generation, in his family, in the floral industry. His great -grandfather started in the business in 1889 in Chicago IL. as the Albert F. Amling Co. and later was joined by his son Ot to Amling and they co-joined and formed Amling's Flowerland of Chicago.

His grandfather also started a business in Chicago with his brother Paul Amling in 1910 and later started Amling brothers in Santa Ana, California in 1920.

Norman's father Albert John Amling worked in flowers in Santa Ana and later purchased Amling Bros. with his uncle Clarence Amling. Albert John sold his interest to Clarence and started Albert J. Amling Co. in Westminister, California in 1948.

Norman Amling has worked for his parents in the Albert J. Amling Co., at San Lorenzo Nurseries Co., and at Delta Floral Inc., all before going into business with his brothers and bringing back Amling Brothers in 1992.


Norman Amling
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